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You hereby admit to use the website while all the risk will be bear by you. Keeping in view the previous, all the financial services available on this site are appropriate for those users who can accept the losses on their investment, who are experienced enough to take risks and understand the risk factors involved in these contracts.

It is not easy to give predictions about prices of international currency because they are quite unstable, because of such instability, DELMA also explains about the quotes and calculations (as elaborate below in detail), and all the contracts bought or other services available on the site (if the payment surpass the premium sum or not) are not consider as a secure trade.

The loss that can be suffered by any customer is the amount they paid for availing all the services offered by the company including rolling fees (if mentioned in account).

Stop Loss Orders implemented by the customer at exact exchange rate or it depends upon the market condition; amount automatically calculated for these orders or either at the similar amount of loss chosen by the user, and accordingly calculation of exchange rate take place. Transactions of such nature take place immediately as a unique rate found on information system which, include the Company’s spread, or it shows a unique order provided by the customer, or it shows a unique loss stated by the customer.

Price computation for financial contracts paid (the payment to be received) on this site, when a contract is bought or sold depend upon the Company’s best available market price including implied volatilities, interest rates, and other market situations through the life of the financial agreement, and depend upon a difficult mathematical computation.

The prices (payment amounts) offered to customers for financial contracts may be speculating on market and it may be vary significantly from the prices of primary market because the spread is supporting company in the calculation of the price as discussed above.

The company will not allow creating any market between users for the purpose of speculation or investment. Customer can only purchase a contract through our site and this contract is in between company and the customer and it cannot be transferable or exchangeable to any third party.

DELMA provides you multiple services that include important financial information that we gathered through our allies, agents and vendors or it can be generated from our internal system. Most of information consists of financial data, opinions of different analysts, latest news, quotes and some research reports as well.

Market Information offered on these Web pages is not proposed as investment guidance. DELMA is not responsible to provide or approve the information because it is provided to give convenience to our users. DELMA and third Party is not responsible to give authenticity, correctness, complete right sequence or guarantee of any oDelmaome by using market information available on the site.

Market Information may swiftly turn into undependable due to multiple causes including, for example, variation in market situation or economic conditions. DELMA or any other Third Party in not responsible to inform any information or views that includes any Market Information, and we can suspend providing Market Information without any intimation at any time.

You accept that DELMA or any other Third Party in not responsible for the disruption, interruption or imprecision of the market information. You are not allowed to “deep-link” or reallocate the market information; you are also not allowed to give access to any unauthorized person to collect the market information.