We are really concerned about protecting and safeguarding the personal and financial data of our customers and the privacy of the people who made visits on our website is our top priority. Below mentioned Privacy Statement gives details how DELMA Broker gathers and looks after your personal information.

By using DELMA Broker account or by make use of their Web site, you provide your approval for the collection and utilization of private information by DELMA Broker as described in this Privacy Statement.

Collection of personal information:

We gather information necessary to open an account, to carry out business successfully and to protect your confidentiality. To do this, we collect information to assist us review your desires and preferences.

The information we gather directly from client contains information necessary to communicate with you, your name, telephone number, mailing address and e-mail address. Moreover, we gather information mandatory by law to recognize who you are, plus your Passport number or Tax Identification number. We also gather some demographic information about our clients when customer opens an account, their gender and birth date.

You directly give us the main information we gather. We gather this information through the application form and relevant documents for opening an account, by placing a trade, through an e-mail, or by presenting information in reply to a promotion or unique offer. Other methods for attaining information are by (1) examining your usage of our Web site, and (2) giving products and services to you. This information allows us to present you products and services that should be of your interest.

The information we gather not directly from you contains your Internet protocol (“IP”) address, operating system, browser type, transactions placed, Internet service provider (ISP), time stamps and banner ads you click. We get all this information by use of cookies, which are little text files send from the Web server and stored on your computer. Cookies assist us to understand you better by offering operational data we can use to help your communication with our Web site and get better its navigation and usability.

Usage of personal information

DELMA Broker can utilize the information gathered from you to validate your identity and contact information. We can also make use of this information to launch and set up your trading account, issue a safe password and an account number, keep your account activity, and make contact to you through account information. This information assists us to make our services better, modify your browsing experience and notify you about extra products, services or promotions that might be of your interest.

You can close your account with us, DELMA Broker will keep your information, only to fulfill the regulatory requirements and to occasionally contact you to recommend the opportunity to reactivate your account or take part in other important offers.

Non-affiliated third parties

DELMA Broker does not lease, license, sell or otherwise reveal your private information to any third party for any cause, apart from described below.

DELMA Broker has the right to unveil your private information to third parties where it is necessary by law to regulatory, law enforcement or other government establishment. We can also reveal your information if required by credit reporting or collection agencies, or when required to safeguard our rights or property.

To facilitate us in making our services better, we can employ another business to assist us to execute some internal tasks such as account processing, client service, fulfillment, client satisfaction surveys or other data gathering actions related to our business. We can also give customer information from our database to assist us to examine and identify customer needs and inform customers of product and service offerings. Information is only used where it is necessary and requested otherwise it is strictly prohibited to use any information. All those parties with whom we have shared confidential information are liable to protect the information in the same way as we are protecting. Some examples of information sharing are discovering information such as name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number and information on account activity.

At any time you decide to buy a product or service presented by any other company, for example if you click any advertisement on DELMA website then any information you share with that company is not controlled by our Privacy Statement. We are not accountable for the information you provide or the content of the site or their privacy policies to the linked websites. Whenever you connect to a co-branded site or linked Web site, you might be inquired to give registration or other information. Kindly note that the information you are giving is can be used by third party and you must go through their privacy policy before providing any information.

Opting out of disclosures of non-public personal information

You can request us not to reveal any private information to a third party. To opt out of sharing non-public private information with third parties, kindly contact us as described in the contact information listed below. Note that for joint accounts, if an opt out is selected by one account owner of a Joint account then it is valid for all account owners of the Joint account. An opt-out selection must be made for each different account you have at DELMA Broker.

If we suggest sharing information in a way not mentioned in this Privacy Statement, we will inform you of this amendment by placing an addendum on the DELMA Broker Web site, and if suitable, give you an opportunity to opt out of such use.

The security of your personal information

We utilize security software, systems, and measures to present you a secure and safe trading environment and look after your private, financial and trading information.

When you open an account we provide you a unique account number, User ID and a password. Only very few employees of DELMA Broker can access this information. Customers are finally liable for maintaining the privacy of their account number, UserID, and password. We suggest you do not reveal this information to anyone else.

We use technology to encrypt information transmitted on our Web site and on our online account application.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

If DELMA Broker modifies its Privacy Statement, the amended Privacy Statement will immediately be placed to the Web site and we also place a note on our Web site notifying you of such modification. You give your consent for accepting the modified Privacy Statement electronically on the Web site. If you have any disagreement over our Privacy Statement is related to this notice and the DELMA Broker Customer

DELMA will never disclose any private or otherwise confidential information in regards to it clients and former clients to third parties