صدور تعليمات مكافحة غسل الأموال وتمويل الإرهاب الخاصة بالمكاتب العقارية

The act of converting money or monetary instruments that looks legitimate but in reality they gained through unlawful activities is called Money Laundering. Global and local laws that are implemented on organizations, whose clients can enter or draw back money from their respective accounts, make it illegitimate for or its workers or representatives, to knowingly connect, or try to pursue in a financial transaction of illegally gained money/property.


use procedures of Anti-Money laundering and the main objective of which is to use them is to make sure that client taking part in such actions can be easily identified, and reduce the load and impact on lawful clients. is dedicated to support governments to fight against such criminal activities around the world. has employed latest and advanced systems, which monitor and verify the entire documents and keep complete information of all transactions.

cautiously monitor doubtful and massive transaction activities, and give timely and detailed reports to the concerned legal authorities to maintain the reliability of systems and to protect businesses. The legislative structures give legal safety to the main source for the provision of such information.

For reducing the risk factor of money laundering and funding of terrorist actions, will not collect any deposits through cash neither it will allow to pay out cash at any situation. has a right to repudiate the procedure of transferring at any time when they consider that the transfer has any connection with money laundering or any illegal activity. It is prohibited for to intimate customers about their illegal activities.



needs two major papers from the customer for inspection for their identification to fulfill the laws of Anti-Money Laundering.

The first requirement is to provide a document with the customer’s picture on it and it must be issued by any government department. It can be a respective national identification card, passport or driving license.

Another requirement that needs to be satisfied is any bill, not before than three months and it must contain customer’s name and his permanent address. It can be a bill that is recognized by an international organization or it can be a bank statement or a utility bill.

needs a physical form that must be submitted to the company after completion and must be signed by the applicant. Customers must provide their information used to contact them and if there is any changes made it must be updated timely to avoid any problem.

English is our official language so document in other languages has to be translated into English from an experienced translator, he must made his signatures and put his stamp on the document and sent it along with original document and a photo of the customer.


needs some important information that has to be met for deposit and withdrawal of money like the name of the sender must match the name in our record. Payments through third party will not be accepted.

Withdrawal of money can be made through the same procedure as it is used while receiving the money from the same account. You have to mention the correct name of the receiver because it will be matched with our records. You have to use the same method for withdrawal as you used while depositing like if u made deposit through wire transfer you can only withdraw the money through wire transfer and from the same bank and account from where it was deposited, similarly if the amount was sent through electronic way it can only be withdraw through electronic way using the same account and system from where they initiated.

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