DELMA Broker always aspired to offer more exclusive services in the financial markets world, DELMA Broker team works in parallel manner to issue diversified investment routes to be suitable with the different trading styles of the customers.

Special commissions account “DELMA commission”: – is a trading account suitable for all segments of customers without exception, with regardless of the size of the investment, which the customer can get additional profits from the company with monthly basis.


Financial transactions always include differences in the prices between the buying and the selling, these differences are the gains of the Broker Company which called spread or the points difference. The company now offering a new trading route which grants the customer part of the company’s profits on each deal be opened without exception.

This technique enables the trader to get additional profits at the end of every month as possible for the live trading and can withdraw it to his personal account directly, your additional profits are not depend on your account balance or the size of the trading but depend on number of the deals which you opened it daily where the company gets a commission for this service.

DELMA Commission is a unique investment account in the financial trading world where DELMA BROKER Company is consider as the only company which offer this type of services and enjoyed by thousands of traders around the world in DELMA BROKER.