We are in DELMA BROKER give our customers modern routes for trading in global financial markets, you can join now for service, Fixed Deal Account, which it’s a service enables you for opening an account with optional investment according to the shares and couples offered in the global central banks, where the account provides the possibility to link the investment amount with one of the most important global shares or foreign currencies which going with positive trend line for a long period of the time.

Fixed Deal Account enables the trader to get fixed stability in his deal, and the account profits are depend on the position of the share that was chosen to link the account, DELMA BROKER representatives provide professional consulting services by offering the most positive shares in the financial markets which referring for expecting profits through the diagrammatic compatibility or compatibility through the events and the economic conditions.


The advantages of Fixed Deal Account in DELMA BROKER:

Professional consultation by experts trading specialists

Appropriate of the account according to the personal requirements

Low management fees and commissions

Continuous alerts and reports about the account

Personal customer service with transparency manner

Withdrawal the profits without specifying the time