Managed Portfolios Account


DELMA BROKER offers a unique service in the world of the brokerage companies, we put in our mind the renewal of the trading techniques in the world of the electronic commerce and put modern trading methods and work on the cooperation with new partners by continuous manner.

DELMA BROKER offers you the possibility of the investment with the company through a managed account by DELMA BROKER experts in addition to the possibility of investment and benefit together in the company’s profits. We offer you a scientific and sophisticated trading system, ensure for every trader the achievement of the profits by fixed manner through the investment portfolio with DELMA BROKER which contain trading in U.S.A shares by 10% to 20% percent which it’s appropriate for trading without risks and preserve the value of the investment through special work strategy by the work staff in the company, where the investment is linked to the company’s own investments which ensure for the customer the delving into the company’s own profits.


The company manages investment portfolios worth inclusive of up to 10 billion U.S dollars.

The trading strategy spread over a number of investment sectors.

Annual profits from 6% at lower limit up to 13% at highest limit.

Financial stability and transparency.

Find suitable investment opportunities.

Accompany the account by a professional investment manager with maintaining continuous contact with each customer.

What do you mean by investment portfolios management?

Through the investment portfolios management you turning the financial management to investment specialist managers in order to funds management by effective and successful manner to obtain the higher possible and safe percentage of profits.

Usually the portfolios managers fit the portfolio to the degree of risk which it’s favored by the client, in DELMA BROKER the portfolios managers work to maintain the fixed percentage of the profits without any risks, which enable each portfolio of retained profits from 7% to 13% during the year.