What is Foreign Exchange Trading and what do I need to know?

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What is Forex?

Forex and FX are abbreviated terms we use for foreign exchange. Currency trading and Foreign exchange could be defined as the exchange of capital/money from unlike countries all over the world. The value of the currency of one country fluctuates frequently against the value of another currency of some country. Forex traders make profits by sale and purchase of currencies in foreign exchange market.


How much money can I make trading in the foreign exchange market?

You can earn a lot through trading for better living and can make chance for yourself.


Can I lose money trading forex?

You can lose your money if you are unaware or inexperienced in Forex trading, this is the reason we hired a team of expert who will guide you and explain how you could minimize your risk factors in Forex trading before starting trade.


Is it volatile?

Forex trading is highly volatile business and volatility is mainly dependent on how influenced your positions are.


How is Forex trading different from traditional securities and stock trading?

Forex trading considered as a short-term investment plan relatively to other investment platforms. In Forex trading the trades lasts from few minutes to few days or few weeks. The main objective is to maximize profits on daily or weekly basis in your forex account, relatively to the investment in stocks, bonds or long term notes, all these instruments will provide you benefit in future date. But in Forex trading you can jump in or out on daily basis and examine your positions.


Who is DELMA Broker?

DELMA Broker is an online trading broker consists of experienced team of professionals that have combined technical experience of more than Fifty years in Forex, CFDs, Indices and commodities in Foreign Exchange industry.


Do you charge any withdrawal or deposit fees?

DELMA Broker doesn’t deduct any fee or commission on customer’s deposits or withdrawal.


Can I trade with DELMA Broker from different computers?

You can access to our website from any computer from anywhere in the world, you don’t need to download DELMA Broker’s trading platform; you just need an internet connection and then visit our website and sign in to your account using our protected server.


What if I don’t have access to any computer?

We also provide a facility to do trading by making a call to our dealing room through your phone. Who will perform on your behalf in trading and make settings as per your desire.

What services does DELMA Broker offer?

Why can’t I view the charts in Trade Tools?

You have to install java to view charts and it will take not take much time to download.


How can I pass on my comments to DELMA Broker?

We will appreciate your comments and will answer your complaints. If you have any queries or comments, feel free to contact us on our contact numbers provided in Contact Us section.