Clients have the greatest value at DELMA Brokers. As it is the most significant to our traders that they experience a service provider of a caliber, it is also of the same importance for DELMA Broker to create a pool of valuable clients. Hence, we proudly provide two rewarding plans for the clients who referred DELMA Broker to a friend.
    Friend Information:


    Opening deposit will be 2,000 USD for the new traders in our Referral plans:

    For the every new person you introduced to us, who opens his account with us and operates according to the terms of our platform, we will be pleased to give you 200 USD as a reward bonus to say thanks to you.


    Opening deposit will be at least 2,000 USD for the new traders in our Referral plans:

    DELMA Broker would like to demonstrate its gratitude in return of your allegiance and kind referral. We provide a more productive chance to the one who introduce us to advanced traders. You will be qualified to obtain a 10% incentive in case you introduce a person to us who made an initial deposit in the range of 2,000 USD to 10,000 USD.

    Our referral plan made it unbelievably easy to make bonuses this way. The only thing you require is to complete the form below or you can approach our online help desk which is available all the time. Take benefit for yourself as well as for your friends you referred and you can start referring right now.

    To get register to our referral plans or if you have any confusion related to our program, you can contact our online help desk.

    For direct communicate to our help team, you can utilize our Online Chat.

    To communicate through Email, you can fill out our Contact Us Form.


    1. This particular service is only accessible to DELMA broker clients.

    2. This particular service will reward the clients with $200 or 10% of the opening deposit made by the person of newly registered account based on client’s referral.

    3. A newly made account means the account which has at least 500 USD entered into it and carries a minimal quantity of ten to twenty positions for the purpose of bonuses. Initial deposit that instantly released will not be entitled for a newly made account for the entitlement of these bonuses.

    4. This offering is fixed to a highest amount of 1,000 USD. Client will be able to get $200 or 10 percent for each authentic referral.

    5. These incentives granted only for the soul intention of Forex trading.

    6. Bonuses will be entered straight into your account as soon as the referral you made has traded the required number of position.

    7. DELMA Broker hold the right to cease all the transactions associated to this service, whenever it wants and free from any earlier notifications.

    8. This offering can be availedonce against each exclusive referral, exclusive referral means a trader which is not a client of DELMA Broker at the moment. Referrals that hold an account or previously a client of DELMA Broker will not come in the category of a new or unique referral.

    9. This offer is totally separate and not mixed with any other services, price reduction and bonuses related to recommending new clients. If you are agree with this offer then you will be understood to give up any other advancement, offered by DELMA Broker or from any subsidiary company, partners or associates.

    10. DELMA broker will not be expected to publicize the information of its clients or their referrals.

    11. DELMA Broker will utilize the data supplied on the referrals for the intention of solicitation of fresh business grounded on recommendations of our clients.

    12. DELMA Broker hold the right to extract email Id’s of newly added referral to its pool for the intention to send promotional stuffs related to Forex market and other financial data.

    13. DELMA Broker will not give clients personal data to anybody, all clients and referrals are ruled by DELMA Broker common conditions of services and website’s terms and conditions.