If anybody is interested in creating his customized Forex trading site, then he must experience our White Label platform for that purpose. Create and design your personal website with the help of our trading platform, or use the platform in your already existed website, and you will be able to enjoy our beneficial partnership which will be openly available to you. Our White Label plans are not like others, DELMA Associates offer a broad range of offerings to help you in your functional trading demands.


Some of the key benefits we have in our offerings:

· Operate with demonstrated and authentic Forex brokerage.

· Make excelling shares in revenues.

· Authentic studies on each trader or each account.

· Approach to reports at any point of time.

· Updating of accounts inside 24 hours.

· Withdrawal of money with several procedures with up to 15 withdrawals each month.

· A firm and experienced team for your support with the aim to retain and yield extra earning.

· Polyglot help.

  • A Particular account manager for your assistance in functional requirements.
  • For further details related to our White Label plan please find us on the following website: http://www.DELMAaffiliates.com/en/contact-us

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To make sure that it is an equally valuable venture, specifying organizations or souls must contain a broker or financial institution license and furnish a validation of an instituted base of collective customers. White Label brokers necessarily devoted to assist and furnish administrative help to the customers for the purpose to preserve productive business with the help of headed sales attempts.