• What is the minimum deposit amount and the maximum deposit amount?

The min deposits amount is 100$, max is 5000$

  • What is the min and max withhdrawl amount?

Max withdrawal is 5000$ and 100$ for min

  • What are the cards limits?

The card limits as follows: 1cards per account/ 10 transaction per card / 10000$ max amount per cards

  • How can I register an account at DELMA Broker?

A very easy procedure has been projected to open an account at DELMA Broker. Completing the required information on our Registration tab is the most effortless way to register to an account at DELMA Broker platform. If online registration is not one of your preferences then you can approach any of our account managers to register an account. We took every possible step for the protection of individual secrecy and data at DELMA Broker. For the understanding of our online security you can browse our website securityplan.

  • How can I trade products of DELMA Broker?

Trading of Every product at DELMA Broker can be done by our perfect EX trading system. Additionally to the direct trading and directly approach to your login, DELMA Broker offers a treasure of trading data for example live Quotations, graphs and analyzed data with the help of our experts to make your experience productive with us.

  • How to deposit currency into DELMA Broker account?

You can make your deposit into a DELMA Broker accounts by many ways for example: bank transfer, through credit card, Skrill(Moneybookers) or CashU. **Note: To protect the transaction from any fraudulent activity, while depositing money through Credit Card we demand that the credit card holder name must be matched with the name of the account in which money is going to transfer.

  • How to make a withdrawal of money from my DELMA Broker account?

Withdrawal of finds from DELMA Broker account depends on the same way you made a deposit in your account. For the cases like Western Union, where there is no existence of accounts, DELMA Broker will send the amount requested for withdrawal straight to the bank accounts. **Note: To protect the transaction from any fraudulent activity, we will send money to the bank accounts of the exact name that will match with the name of account calling for the withdrawal.

  • What products I can trade with?

DELMA Broker provide a broad range of trading choices for example: Commodities, Forex currency pairs, indices (Dow Jones, NASDAQ) and CFDs etc.

  • What is the lowest fund requirement for an account with DELMA Broker?

We provide various accounts for the trading purpose and lowest funds requirement depends upon the type of account you are using. Lowest funds requirement range change from as lowest as $100 to $10,000 depends upon the account type. If you have any interest in knowing about every account, you can visit out Accounts Overview tab, or you can approach our customer help for further information.